Custom Knife Jeweling by Precision Specialists!

Custom Knife Jeweling by Precision Specialists!

Yes, we jewel them all! We can give your favorite knife a great custom look. Not recommended for the timid, because your jeweled knife is sure to draw comments like "Wow! Where'd you get that knife?"

Not only can we jewel your favorite collector's knife, but we can turn your beat-up favorite into a showpiece as well!

Have you seen our Custom Colorization?

This Benchmade knife has a Custom Jeweled and GOLD COLORED pocket clip! (keep reading for more details!)

Our metals experts can do wonders...
It's common to have a stainless steel handled knife become scratched and dull looking, but a jeweled knife has a bright and shiny appearance.

Stainless Spyderco Dragonfly

With our jeweling process, your knife will be better than new. Not only can we fix and hide most flaws, but the jeweling will actually camouflage any future scratches and scuffs you might inflict.
Click the image to see more pictures of completely stainless jeweled knives including:
Spyderco Co-Pilot, Delica II, Harpy, and Rookie! Wow!

And for total customization, we can always add some color!
Like this jeweled and PURPLE Delica clip!

Specializing in Spyderco Knife Jeweling
Pictured below: Custom Jeweled Spyderco Carbon Fiber Civilian, Spyderco Military, Spyderco Bob Lum, and Spyderco Rookie. Click on the image for a better look!

You can trust Custom Jewel Shop to properly disassemble and reassemble any knife you send in to be jeweled. We can jewel a knife from any knife maker, and we specialize in Spyderco knives. We have extensive knowledge and experience that you can count on!

Custom Jewel Shop -- the FIRST to present the Custom Jeweled Pocket Clip!

Pictured here we have a Spyderco Carbon Fiber Cricket, a Benchmade AFCK, Spyderco Endura, a PINK Spyderco Cricket, Spyderco Jess Horn, and... our hot new COLORED clips!

Custom Jewel Shop is proud to offer our unique colorization technique for your pocket knife...

Here we have a Spyderco Military knife featuring our amazing colorization technique.

Click on the image for more information!

Get Customized!

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