Precision Rifle Jeweling

We will jewel your bolt action, semi auto, single shot, lever action rifle bolts and MORE!

Our precision jeweling is more than just a term. We calibrate to within thousandths of an inch, putting the precision in Custom Jewel Shop's precision engine turning.

Because All Jeweling Is NOT Created Equal.

Here is a Ruger M77 bolt we've jeweled. We do the claw extractor, too (that others don't jewel). Click on the image for more Ruger M77 pics!

Get Your Ruger #1 Bolt Jeweled Here!
Click on the image above for more Ruger #1 Jeweled Bolt pics

WOW! Here is one of our precision custom jeweled SAVAGE bolts!

Click on the image for many more high-detail pictures.

Don't be fooled by the rest, be jeweled by the best!

Jeweled Sako Rifle Bolt and Extractor
Click on the image for more Sako Jeweling pics!

Custom Jewel Shop -- Precision Engine Turning by Moskalick