Custom Jeweled Knives

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Here you will find a selection of some of our favorite knives we've jeweled in the past. Remember that this is just a sampling, and, yes we can do knives from other manufacturers.
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Spyderco Military

Here the clip, liner lock, and end of blade all have been jeweled.

Spyderco Carbon Fiber Dragonfly

This Dragonfly has had the clip and end of blade jeweled.

Spyderco Delica

This Stainless Delica has had the blade and handle jeweled.

Benchmade AFCK
This knife has had part of the blade jeweled, as well as the clip and the titanium liners and lock (yes, we can do titanium!.

Spyderco Harpy

This Harpy has the full package! Handle, blade and clip all have been jeweled.
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Spyderco Rookie

Spyderco Rookie with blade, clip, and lockback jeweled.

Spyderco Civilian

Beautiful! We like the way the jeweling enhances the Carbon Fiber scales on this one.

Spyderco Viele

Spyderco Viele with blade and stainless liner jeweled.

Spyderco Cricket

This Cricket has the blade, liner lock, and clip jeweled. This clip, when it came to us, had the black coating on it, but was badly scuffed and marred. Now it looks great!

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