More Examples of Our Quality Custom Jeweling

Don't forget -- we can do specialty items. Do you have something special that you want to give a total custom look? Drop us an email, tell us about it --it doesn't hurt to ask!

Check out this custom 'Nardi' steering wheel -- a good example of 'other' stuff we could do for you!

Looking for that Ruger Vaquero that used to be pictured on our front page? Here it is! We can jewel your Vaquero (or other revolver) hammer and trigger, too!

Now see how hot our jeweling looks on this Kawasaki Ninja 600 Motorcycle!
(click the image to see more)

Do you have a lightly scuffed or pitted (rusted?) knife, barrel, or slide?
Let us know. We can take care of that, too!
With jeweling and polishing, we can cover up most normal wear.
Send it over, we'll send it back with an exceptional custom look.

Customize Your Sig (Glock, Ruger, etc.,) Barrel
With Our Precision Jeweling

Check out our Exclusive Custom Colorization technique! We can jewel and color your bolt, barrel, knife pocket clip and more (click on the image for more details)!

Spyderco Knives Jeweled by Custom Jewel Shop

Look! We can jewel knives too! This provides total customization of your favorite knife.

Colt 1911 .45 Magazines Jeweled by Custom Jewel Shop

Look! We can jewel your magazine baseplates!
Now you won't worry about your friend grabbing your magazines
when you're at the range!

Kahr Slide and Barrel

Another fine example... we can do your slide, too!

Ruger 10/22 Bolts Jeweled by Custom Jewel Shop

Notice that we do jewel the entire side of the bolt. If you can find a gunsmith who jewels bolts, they generally jewel only the part that shows through the receiver.

Jeweled Pocket Clip

Have your old, scratched, worn out pocket clip from your favorite knife polished and jeweled -- it'll be better than new!

Spyderco Delica Handle and Blade Jeweled and Polished by Custom Jewel Shop

Have Your Glock Barrel Customized!

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Benjamin Franklin, Statesman and Inventor 1759

Custom Jewel Shop -- Precision Engine Turning by Moskalick

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Custom Colorization for your Knife or Firearm!

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