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Custom Jewel Shop, Inc.

Firearms Jeweling Price Guideline

(Please note this is not a comprehensive list, merely a list of the parts most often inquired about by customers.  Many other parts can be expertly jeweled or refinished – we do many custom pieces as well. Please email to ensure an accurate price quote.

We look forward to hearing from you!)


We prep ALL pieces prior to jewelling.  We are able to remove most rust, rust pitting, mill marks, scuffs, scrapes, etc.  This is part of the superior service we routinely provide.  Most pieces are hand-prepped. Though it is more time consuming, we feel this is the BEST way to maintain the integrity of your piece.  We don’t wand your corners rounded – we want you to stay sharp!


Most Pistols / Semi-Auto Hand Guns:




Includes jewelling your Barrel Breech, Hammer, and Trigger

Then add just $10 for any additional accessory jewelling when adding on to the 1911 package.


Hammer, Trigger, Slide Stop, Safety, Barrel Bushing, Guide Rod Face, etc. $10-$20


          2 or more:               $10 / each

Most double-stack:    $25

2 or more:               $20/ each


(This bolt jewelling has a tighter pattern, to help conceal action scars and scrapes commonly found on Mark I, II, and III bolts.)



We can also bead blast your cylinder up to the scar line - this completely hides that ugly scar line, as well as providing you with a custom look. Pricing is $15-25.



We prep ALL pieces prior to jewelling. We are able to remove most pitting, scuffs, scrapes, etc. We do NOT however remove any metal from the locking lugs - we will very lightly polish them - to maintain the integrity and accuracy of your bolt.


·        Bolt Action (price includes jeweling extractor):  $50 (Add $25 to jewel follower)

·        .22 bolts:               $35

·        Short Action:         $55

·        Long Action:           $60

·        Savage 3-piece bolts:       $70

·        Mosin Nagant bolt: $70

·        Followers:              $35


·        Semi-Auto:


o       Most semi-auto bolts:  $50

o       10/22:         $30

o       AR-15 / M-16 Bolt:  $70

o       AK-47 Bolt Carrier:  $80




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